Trio Insurgent’s First Concert and “Shake ’em”

My good friends, Kelly Vander Molen, Bryce Craig, and I formed a trio dedicated to commissioning , writing, and performing new music called Trio Insurgent. We had our very first concert this past Friday. It could not have went better. People ate cookies and interacted with us throughout the show. As as a music student immersed in a world of classical music concerts in which audiences are so often physically and mentally distant from performers, it was great to be able to make such a connection with people.

If you want to see the concert and get a sense of how it went and what kind of music we played, check out this playlist-

Here is a higher quality recording of a brief improv session we had as part of the concert-

This past Saturday I was lucky enough to get a performance of two new pieces of mine- Shake ’em (performed by Vanessa Heuck on bass clarinet and Breana Meyers on maracas) and Phantasy for Piano (performed by Yaqin Wang.) A recording of Phantasy will be available soon. Here is the recording of Shake ’em