September 2020 News and Updates

This summer, my career has pivoted to the more commercial side of things. Which makes sense; I learned the most about music in my formative years playing gigs in a rock band. I am producing, editing, and composing original music for the short-story podcast Tiny Tales. I recently started producing and composing original music for a fascinating sports podcast, the S.B.R. Podcast. If podcasts are a part of your routine, give these a listen!

This summer has also been a time for creating commercial tracks for a variety of clients. Listen to my portfolio of commercial music here.

I am extremely excited about two creative projects: producing and mixing an album of funky, groovy, retro, ultra-modern, rock music written by Matt Ferrandino and Kevin Klepacki and recording my rock opera, Don Henry with the uber-talented Gretchen Pille and Neal Long. These are long-term projects, but I will be sure to keep folks updated on progress and release dates.