SCI Region VI 2017 Conference

The 2017 SCI Region VI conference was hosted by Dan Cavanagh and UT-Arlington this year. My colleague Ben Justis and I took the trip down from the University of Kansas and we had an absolute blast. I can confidently say that Dan ran one of the best SCI conferences I’ve ever been to and many attendees echoed this sentiment.

Below is a list of my favorite works I heard at the conference (in no particular order). This is by no means to say that there were not other great works that were performed; the list below signifies those pieces which had an immediate impact on me. One can never really say they don’t like a piece without listening to it more than once.


Waves by Dan Cavanagh

Hear Us by Micah Hayes

Echo Caves by Igor Karaca

Up In Smoke by Ben Justis

Wooden Triptych by Bryce Craig

Veiled Expanse by Natsumi Osborn

5:1 by Joseph Bohigian

Wax Argument by John Huenmann

Essay for Cello by Dan Racer

Pistol Pete’s Passacagilia by Mike D’Ambrosio

Una Reunion Nocturne by Eric Lara

I encourage everyone to see out these works and these composers! Buy their music and show some love.