New Music

Hello all!

For those of us lucky enough to remain in the world of academia, the slow turbulence that is the Fall Semester has been well under way for about a month.

I recently created a playlist of a few pieces I’ve written over the past seven months for those of you interested in what I have been up to musically. I hope you like the playlist I have curated!

In other news:

As I have mentioned in the past, Dr. Casey Robards commissioned me to write a piece for two pianos. As of today, the duet is complete! All that is left to do is edit, hand off the final copy and sit back and let the master work her magic on it. I am so honored that such a talented performer will be playing my music. The piece is called It’s Okay to Clap. It’s in three movements, and, as the name suggests, has an interesting theatrical element to it.

Lastly, I recently compiled a list of works. Email me at if you are interested in performing any of these works. Of course these are not all the pieces I’ve ever written. Just the ones I’m willing to share with the world:

Wonder: an Ode to Carl Sagan (for SATB or TTBB choir)

The Children of Abraham (for orchestra)

It’s Okay to Clap (piano duet for 2 pianos)

Lamb of Light (for multiple 7 seven string guitars and backing track)

Exoplanet (for trombone, tuba, drum set, and electric guitar)

Lament (for Alto Sax and Fixed Media)

Songs of Informality #2 and #4 (open instrumentation, lead-sheet)

A Dance Not To Be Danced To (for saxophone quartet)

Unhinged (for tenor sax, bass clarinet, and clarinet)

Odyssean Steps (for soprano sax and tenor sax)

Alten’s Bullfight (for viola, clarinet, and alto sax)

Ektos (fixed media)

One Thing (for guitar, spoken word, and fixed media)

Shake ’em (for bass clarinet and maracas)

Phantasy for Piano (for solo piano)

Prozium (fixed media)

A Little Trip (for woodwind quintet)

Jukai (for flute/pic, violin, 2 cellos, bass, guitar, 2 tam-tams, bass drum, and vibraphone)


Your comrade in New Music,

Frank Nawrot