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List of Works (as of 9/30/2021)

Nostalgia Trap (electronic pop album)

Op. 45 Communication (Cello with fixed-video)

Op. 44 Guitar Duet 1 (1 classical guitar, 1 electric guitar)

Op. 43 They Have Names (1 percussionist, spoken word)

Op. 42 United Front no. 2 (e. guitar, trombone, piano)

Op. 41 Don Henry (chamber opera)

Op. 40 Specter (piano, four hands)

Op. 39 Analogy (tuba and fixed media)

Op. 38 Enough is Enough (piano, drum set, bass guitar, tenor voice, soprano voice, trombone, saxophone, euphonium)

Op. 37 We Who Work (piano, drum set, bass guitar, tenor voice, trombone, saxophone, euphonium)

Op. 36 Guitar Etudes 1,2, 3, 4 (classical guitar)

Op. 35 Sax Quartet no. 2

Op. 34 In Three (vibraphone, bass, drum set)

Op. 33 Peace and Plenty (two-voice choir)

Op. 32 Vaults of Silver (SATB plus two soloists)

Op. 31 Lunar Tower (piano and electric guitar)

Op. 30 Plainfield (8-song cycle for medium or low voice)

Op. 29 Through Reason (two marimbas; four percussionists)

Op. 28 Evo Ritmatic (alto sax, tenor sax, looper pedal, and fixed media)

Op. 27 United Front no. 1 (e. guitar, trombone, piano)

Op. 26 Fo’ You Get Rolled Up On (multiple electric guitars)

Op. 25 Cycles (for alto sax and piano)

Op. 24 What Democracy Looks Like (for 7-string electric guitar and fixed media)

Op. 23 Sam G (piano + reverb, fixed media, and open instrumentation)

Op. 22 Leaving the Earth (tenor voice, guitar, percussion, piano, oboe, tenor sax, bassoon)

Op. 21 Lose; Find (tenor sax and fixed media)

Op. 20 The Spiral (for open instrumentation or soprano sax, alto sax, 2 electric guitar, and  piano)

Op. 19 These Trees Become a Castle of Light (for tenor saxophone and one percussionist)

Op. 18 Rondo in B Minor (open instrumentation)

Op. 17 Intrinsic Gray (song cycle for tenor vocalist, soprano vocalist, electric guitar, piano, cello, and percussion)

Op. 16 Dorian Staircase (for alto sax and tenor sax)

Op. 15 100 Kilos (piano duet for 2 pianos)

Op. 14 The Children of Abraham (for orchestra)

Op. 13 Junipers (for spoken word, tuba, percussion, plastic grocery bags, and piano)

Op. 12 Exoplanet (for trombone, tuba, drum set, and electric guitar)

Op. 11 Lamb of Light (for multiple 7 seven string guitars and backing track)

Op. 10 Lament (for Alto Sax and Fixed Media)

Op. 9 Prozium (spoken word and fixed media)

Op. 8 Phantasy (for solo piano)

Op. 7 Songs of Informality #2, #4, #6 (open instrumentation)

Op. 6 Jukai (for flute/pic, violin, 2 cellos, bass, guitar, 2 tam-tams, bass drum, and vibraphone)

Op. 5 Alten’s Bullfight (for viola, clarinet, and alto sax

Op. 4 Ektos (fixed media)

Aveil (hard rock album)

Op. 3 Finding Empty (voice and piano)

Op. 2 A Dance Not To Be Danced To (for saxophone quartet)

Op. 1 Lullaby for a Ghost…an homage to Satie (piano)

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