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Frank Nawrot is a Kansas-based, Michigan-born composer, guitarist, and producer. His musical style is inspired by Kid Cudi, Julia Wolfe, Meshuggah, Julius Eastman, Tool, Steve Martland, and Prince. Frank has taken to the stage across the country as a guitarist, bassist, and singer, performing in a multitude of genres from classical to hip-hop to metal. Nawrot’s original music has been performed around the world—in Chicago, New York City, Kansas City, Hong Kong, Croatia, and Canada. He has earned a reputation for writing music that is accessible, while being challenging enough to provide audiences with a fresh and exciting experience. Nawrot is regularly commissioned to compose music for saxophone, voice, piano, concert band, and more. He also records and produces music in a variety of styles. Armed with a doctoral degree in music composition and fifteen years performing rock, pop, and hip hop, Frank brings a unique sound to the stage, the radio, and the screen.  

Nawrot’s first training as a musician began in high school choir and band. In 2006, he and Thaddeus Kennedy formed the successful regional rock band Absinthe in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As Absinthe’s singer, guitarist, and songwriter, Nawrot first learned how to write music and connect with audiences.

Nawrot’s musical roots are in rock, R&B, and hip-hop. Classical music was on his periphery during his youth. It was in his first year in college that he heard and fell in love with the music of Maurice Ravel. By way of the so-called “impressionists” (Satie and Ravel in particular), Nawrot became increasingly interested in minimalism and post-minimalism. He presented his research on the recently re-discovered minimalist composer Julius Eastman at the Fifth International Conference of Minimalist Music in Finland.